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18-08-2008 guys and Gyals you have to check their role plays out in pvt OMG!!!i know its wrong but the raping role play they do is FKG MAGIC there idea for role play just for the recordIs there anything they can't do??????? lol
20-07-2008 10000 agree with what they all said apart the one above me im straight all that and more I don&039t even know what to write about them except go take them pvt.!.
28-05-2008 Have a look at this gorgeous couple. Their show is damned hot and they don&039t waste time. The surely have fun in front of the camera and they have a great repertoir including deep throat anal fisting fetish and even peeing. Simply ask them and they will do whatever you like - immediately not after some minutes of warm up. They seem to be horny all day long. I&039ve never seen a couple before which made me pay so much bucks for watching them fucking around. Don&039t get me wrong: I&039m just a
02-06-2008 I want also to point out that their webcam stream is of a good quality with a high FPS frames per second rate and of course audio support. Their show room is also very bright which makes me wonder if one of them is a professional photographer because they care so much about good pictures. I&039ve seen a lot of bad streams from other performers that this has to be mentioned. A bad quality slow FPS dark pictures takes much of the enjoyment out of this game so performers should really consider a good w
28-05-2008 What a fantastic show. These guys will do anything and they really enjoy it. A special place exists in their hearts for lovers of pee games Just ask for more details!! You will not leave disappointed.